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ImageLast summer, I saw a family swimming pool filled with ducks.  Of course, at first glance they looked like a lively group of swimmers until I noted they were decoys.  What a great idea.  None of those in the pool were collector pieces, but just a random selection of common species.

ImageThere are avid collectors who have beautifully hand sculpted displays in their homes.  Followers of the craft know there are works worth thousands of dollars.  Decoys are a part of folk art and an extension of wildlife history.

Decorating and repainting certain decoys can be a fun activity to do with the children.  They add an outdoor feel to home décor.  And of course, don’t forget to amuse the neighbors with mallards in the pool.







Image    The Treasure Shoppe has two fantastic features for the guys, the MAN CAVE and KANSAS Room.  Needless to say, this is a true MAN CAVE filled from floor to ceiling with great stuff.  If you need a one stop shop for gifts, this may be the place to find them.

The vendors put together a great selection of metal “man cave” type signs, clocks, neon signage, beer décor, automobilia, knives, lighters, and fun items to complement that favorite part of the house.Image

Right next door and down the stairs you will enter in to KANSAS, not the state, but the state-of-mind.  Old tricycles, roller skates (with keys), barn signs, wagon wheels, tools, plows, and vintage bottles are just the tip of what is in the inventory.

Fun finds at unbeatable prices, you just got to see these places.



The Treasure Shoppe is located at 324 East Pikes Peak Avenue, in beautiful downtown Colorado Springs.

Business Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 til 6 and Sunday 12 til 4.

By the way, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and check out selected items placed on Craigslist.




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It’s spring cleaning season and for most of us, it is a daunting task. Where do you store your items? In a hall closet? The attic? That cold, dank basement? The junk drawer? Thinking about selling them? Come in and talk to us about renting a special space to showcase these items. There are a few choice spots located throughout the facility.  We would love to have you join our team.


Call (719-465-1692) or come and visit.


We are located at 324 E. Pikes Peak Ave. in beautiful downtown Colorado Springs.

Make spring cleaning fun and profitable this year.  Really!

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There are signs everywhere. 


Come in and see which ones speak to you.


Make a simple set of words, a statement.


Come in and see what you want to say.


















Our homes say so much about us.  They are the places we take refuge from the day’s worries and where we celebrate our triumphs.  We speak through a myriad of colors which inspire our world, reflect our heritage and our spirit.


The choices of furnishings open our homes to limitless possibilities.  Comfy couches before a roaring fireplaces set the tone for family gatherings.  Huge harvest tables that accommodate large groups invite friendship as well as  giving great cooks a showcase for their culinary art.  Handmade pieces such as sculptures and paintings speak from the heart. The colors and textures bring a home to life.


Our homes are also our personal museums.  Collections promote conversations.  Souvenirs from places visited, pictures of family, items gathered from nature, are examples of what we hold dear.  They define the life we live and love.

Perhaps this is why we take such care to  put just the right thing in the right place.   Because if the walls could talk…



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